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Crowdsource expertise visually

The "GPS turn-by-turn" help for technicians

Instant access to your organisation's knowledge. Including that of colleagues & specialists. Offline & from any device

Technicians love solving problems

Problems arise every day but solutions too as technicians contribute their expertise easily with video, pictures, commentary from their device


Ensure info quality with validation circuits

Appoint “owners” of categories of expertise to filter contributions. But also rely on rating & comment from users

Customize & manage information

Customize access, control with enterprise-class security & access rights


Getting it right first time:

by working with a better, instantly accessible knowledge and by working more safely and accurately, your technicians will be re-motivated and more purposeful

Higher uptime, efficiencies and effectiveness:

better maintained equipment as technicians improve fixes and repairs and previously difficult procedures are given clarity

Capitalisation and mutualisation of company expertise:

a centralised database of competencies and best practices constantly updated and accessible from any device

Where and what can MaintenanceTV save for you?



Identifying tangible cost savings

The MaintenanceTV Customer Benefit Analysis


Proving the savings & benefits

The pilot


Integrating MaintenanceTV to other systems